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Various pictures of the motel, happy guests, and scenes from around the beach.

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Hampton Beach Marine Memorial
Quiet Sea
Memorial Day 2020 at the Marine Memorial
Memorial Day Weekend 2020, not a soul on the beach!
Hampton Beach at low tide in June.
The information kiosk near the Visitor's Center
The professional volley ball court on the beach.
Life Guards on Duty
4th of July at Hampton Beach is very colorful.
Parasailing on Hampton Beach
Room for three parasailing!
If you can identify these water fowl, you can get 10% off your stay when you call to book your room!
Low tide in the fog has its own beauty.
Nightfall on the beach
NIghtfall on the beach
Even when it rains, the beach is a beautiful place!
Waves breaking on Hampton Beach with the wind spraying spindrift.
Moonrise 23 Aug 2018. Beautiful, every day.
Wave after wave after wave after........
Wild Waves
Browsing 1-20 of 51

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